Add some gourmet and indulgence FLAIR on your beverages and desserts!

The FLAIR sauces are offered either in 600ml (20,29 Fl. oz.) squeezable bottles and in 1,89Lt (64 Fl. oz.) pump bottles. The pumps’ capacity is 15ml (0,5Fl. oz.) and the suggested serving size is 30ml (1Fl. oz.).


Gourmet SAUCES:  Flavour and decorate with FLAIR…

FLAIR gourmet sauces are crafted with the finest ingredients and they are dedicated to blend deliciously with coffees, hot or cold beverages and desserts. FLAIR sauces are favoured by experienced baristi, bartenders and caterers for their fine and real flavor, their rich texture and smooth mouthfeel.

A creamy caramel toffee sauce with delicious vanilla notes perfectly balanced in a buttery and burned sugar flavor body. It is an ideal top-up for frappes and ice-creams.

Dark Chocolate
An aromatic bitter chocolate topping, with delicious Dutch cocoa character that matches perfectly fruit or sweet desserts and coffee beverages.

White Chocolate
This luxuriously rich in milk chocolate flavor and creamy sauce is the ideal assortment to waffle or French toast desserts and blends perfectly in mochas, latte and drinking chocolates.

A creamy mixture of milk chocolate and roasted hazelnut paste, that combines perfectly with hot or cold coffees and coffee-based beverages, ice-creams and desserts.

This sauce is carefully crafted with best quality strawberry purée. The rich texture and the discrete aromatic character create a unique topping for ice-creams and an exceptional ingredient for chocolates, mochas and frappes.

The distinctive sweetness and aromatic character of Greek cherries make this sauce a very special ingredient for the preparation of signature cold and hot beverages. It also accompanies perfectly frozen desserts.

Sour Cherry
This is a signature sauce that perfectly combines the sweet and tart flavor character of sour cherry with subtle bitter almond notes. It is favored as an ice cream and frozen yogurt topping, as well as for cheese-cake flavored beverages and desserts.

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