Our history

Back in 1978 Denis Frangias, a chemist specialized in flavours and citrus oils, founded Paxman Ltd, a manufacturing company of beverage compounds. Since then, the company produces a wide range of products which includes all ingredients and materials that can be added to all kinds of beverages, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks, sparkling or still, with or without juices, hot or cold. All our products are custom-made to suit our customers’ needs and to offer them unique recipes for their drinks. The Flair range emerged as an evolutionary step through Paxman’s production to create a new brand that associates its name with the concept of flavour.

Our heritage

We follow the values passed on by the company founder. We carry on the tradition; we grow and constantly develop, while always remaining faithful to the concept of family. Our people are our strength.
We are a team of passionate flavourists who work together to create products that stand out thanks to their premium quality.

We deliver custom

We have the capacity to create anything our partners ask for. Our expertise and scientific knowledge are combined so we can offer custom – made products that fit in any business, market or country. We can formulate and develop a customized recipe for you and produce your own private-label beverage, or help you build product-lines specific to your franchise chains. When it comes to flavour there is nothing that we cannot create.

We offer more
flavours than
you can imagine

We create the widest range of flavours for you to choose. Our passion and expertise lead our production line and we constantly deliver new products. Featuring more than 60 syrups, almost 10 tea extracts, 7 different sauces and 12 fruit purees, the Flair syrups has the momentum of a large company that conquers the world of flavours.

We have a global reputation

We deliver our products to 14 countries* across 4 continents and we offer our flair to happy consumers all over the world. We can guarantee a successful delivery through all stages of your order starting from the pre-sales consulting, the placement of the order, the production, the quality check, the packaging and finally the delivery. It is our priority to deliver our products on time and in excellent condition so that your customers can enjoy the unique experience of the Flair Syrups.

*Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, UK, Finland, Albania, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Canada

We have a passion
for flavours

We have the flair for creating remarkable products. We always seek inspiration and we constantly try new recipes and experiment with innovative technology. We always have something new to present because we enjoy creating. We share with you our passion for flavour!