Experience the perfect cool down with our Frozen Peach Tea! This icy delight unites FLAIR Peach Black Tea Extract with the warming notes of FLAIR Ginger Syrup, all perked up with fresh lime juice. With a splash of soda and a float of FLAIR Pomegranate Syrup, this is your ultimate frosty refresher!



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There is only one secret. We have added our flair!


Indulge in the rich decadence of our Choca Truffle. A velvety delight combining the robust flavor of espresso with the sweet notes of FLAIR Caramel Syrup, perfectly enhanced by oat milk latte infused with chocolate powder. Finished off with whipped cream, a vibrant truffle, and a drizzle of caramel sauce, this beverage is a dream come true for the chocolate lover.

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Refresh your senses with our zesty Homemade Lemonade! This thirst-quencher features a harmonious blend of FLAIR Lemonade Syrup and FLAIR Ginger Syrup, spruced up with fresh lime juice. Topped off with soda water and garnished with mint and lime, it’s the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and minty flavors!

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