Celebrating a Thriving Partnership with COFFEE MAKERS LTD in Israel and Palestine

At Flair Syrups, we are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with esteemed distributors COFFEE MAKERS LTD in Israel and Palestine. This key collaboration opens new horizons for Flair Syrups, broadening our reach and enhancing opportunities in these thriving markets.

To celebrate this partnership and introduce Flair Syrups to the Horeca professionals in the region, our local distributors organized a grand two-day event in Jerusalem on May 18-19, 2023. This event served as the perfect platform to showcase our wide range of syrups and engage with industry experts, baristi, and mixologists.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, our CEO, Stavros Frangias, graced the event with his presence. His attendance not only demonstrated our commitment to this partnership but also provided an opportunity to personally extend warm wishes for the continued success of the super-professional team at COFFEE MAKERS LTD.

Together with COFFEE MAKERS LTD, we share a common vision of delivering excellence in taste and flavor. Our dedication to crafting high-quality syrups and providing exceptional customer experiences drives our every endeavor. This partnership represents a powerful synergy, blending our expertise and passion to create memorable beverage experiences.