Blendid beverages meets the world!

BLENDID is more than just another beverage brand.

BLENDID BEVERAGES is where our passion for creativity and innovation blends perfectly with our basic ideals of quality and serving people.

There is more than just the production and packaging of beverages.

There is the concept of innovation and the taste of perfection.

So, this is what we do ideas blendid with passion.

It has been more than one year ago, when Stavros Frangias and Yiannis Gialousis -the owners of PAXMAN Ltd and GIALOUSIS Ltd respectively- started investigating the opportunities of their cooperation. It wasn’t the vicinity of their premises or the similar field of operation that brought them together. It was actually their common vision for the creation of a global food service brand for beverages and desserts.

Yiannis explains: “GIALOUSIS Ltd strategic planning, in order to improve our positioning in the Greek HORECA sector, was to enrich our almost complete powder beverage and dessert product range, with post-mix juice concentrated drinks and other syrup products, which we already traded. During our long conversations with Stavros, we concluded that adding up just a few products in a product range would not be a solution, especially in the depression-stroked Greek market. So, what we decided was to join our manufacturing strengths, in an alliance that would operate principally in the global HORECA market by offering a full range of products manufactured by us, in competitive pricing.”

The launching of the BLENDID BEVERAGES was decided to take place at the beginning of 2014 and a series of prestigious international and domestic food exhibitions were chosen to present the new venture.

Stay tuned with BLENDID BEVERAGES site to get informed about our products, to get in touch with us for information and sample requests, to see our facilities, to know where we are presenting our products and join us there…