FLAIR: Natural step forward

Paxman Ltd was established in 1978 by Denis Frangias, a chemist specialized in flavours and citrus oils.

Since then Paxman Ltd is a manufacturing company of beverage compounds. Our product range includes all ingredients and materials that can be added in all kinds of beverages – soft drinks or alcoholic, sparkling or still, with or without juice content, hot or cold. All our products are tailor-developed to suit our customers’ needs and to give them the unique recipe advantage of their final drink. Thus, the development and production of FLAIR range happened quite naturally as a part of our company production processes and a next step to the branded product world.

At PAXMAN, whether it concerns beverage compounds or FLAIR syrups, we take a personal interest in your success, applying a holistic approach to your business. We provide consulting and training services, so we can ensure you receive the maximum benefit from our products. Additionally, we can formulate, develop a customized recipe for you and produce your own private-label beverage, or help you build product-lines specific to your franchise chains.

In a Nutshell

Our company is based on strong values:

  • Innovation and Knowledge

  • Flexibility and Customization

  • High Ethical Standards

  • A Strong Taskforce

We Are Producers

One of our priorities is manufacturing our products in our private production unit, as they comply with all safety regulations. We are defined by a creative drive and a passion for innovation. Our knowledge, expertise and experience promise the production of premium-quality compound, syrups and concentrated beverages.

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